Mega Polish | 16 oz. Mega Shine Surface Polish


MEGA POLISH (Lotion) For A Mega Shine On Your Vehicles Surface – Wipe it On and Wipe it Off Technology Mega Polish removes light ingrained oxidation & debris from surfaces, while chemically bonding with the vehicle clear coat paint work to give an unsurpassed depth of shine and level of surface protection against the elements.


MEGA POLISH is clear-coat safe. It works with a blend of advanced natural waxes, biodegradable surfactants, & macro-molecular-polymers. It is hgh performing and environmentally friendly. This ensures the best of the best when it comes to surface shine and protection for your vehicle. Mega Polish is free of petroleum hydrocarbons, has no listed hazardous materials and Zero V.O.C’s. We highly recommend using microfiber towels for the application and removal of all CroftgateUSA products.

Microfiber towels will make it easy to buff your paint to a stunning shine or remove stubborn dirt and debris from any surface. The static-charged, woven fibers grab wax residue so there is less dusting, if any. Microfiber does not shed lint and the tiny, man-made fibers polish the paint while you buff. Rotate your towel frequently to reveal a clean side. Keep an extra microfiber towel lying around for the unexpected shine up!


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