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Tis the season! Our essential Croftgate USA products crammed into one bucket under the tree this year! These 4 products will make Santa say WOAH WOAH WOAH! Stop getting your hands wet and cold this winter. Get your sled shined up with Croftgate USA’s waterless wash and wax. Throw on the Quick-N-Slick polymer spray then follow with the Endure XXL paint sealant and shine enhancer and praise baby Jesus with the results you will see! Your shine won’t get funky either since this tire shine won’t sling off. Oh you can clean your wheels with it too! We threw in some tranquility spray also to keep your road rage at bay and make you feel like you are driving down the road in the finest day spa sipping on cucumber water. How’s that for the best Christmas present ever?

  • Endure XXL | 16 oz. 4-6 Month Paint Sealant (retail price $20.95)
  • Aquanil-X | 32 oz. Waterless Wash & Wax (retail price $22.95)
  • Tire Shine Plus | 32 oz. Tire and Wheel Cleaner (retail price $16.95)
  • Quick-n-Slick | 8 oz. Reactive Polymer Technology (retail price $29.95)
  • Tranquility Spray (retail $6.95)
  • 4 Microfiber Cloths (free)
  • 2 Gallon White Bucket (free)

**Christmas ornaments and lights are not included in this promo**


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