Our “DRIVEN” BUCKET PACK is a perfect kit for someone needing a few basics that will make your vehicle look anything other than basic. A simple set that allows even the unexperienced the simplicity of making heads turn with a few of our Croftgate USA eco-friendly products. Save by bundling.

2 gallon red DEEM bucket
8 oz. Wash & Wax
32 oz. The Last Detail spray
32 oz. Tire Shine Plus
Applicator pad for Tire Shine

$45 in product plus free bucket, sponge applicator, 4 microfiber cloths.


Wash & Wax Recommendation For Use:
Needed: 2 microfiber towels each folded two times. Small bucket to hold 1 gallon of water.
*Use microfiber towels. *Begin at the top of the vehicle working your way down.

Cleaning 1-2 vehicles: Use 1 gallon of water with 1 cap full or 4 pumps (on bottles with pump dispenser) of Wash and Wax.
1. Dip one of the folded microfiber towels into the bucket to ensure complete saturation.
2. Ring out only to the point where the towel stops dripping, leaving it very damp/wet.
3. Proceed to wipe/wash over one area/panel at a time.
4. Take the second dry, clean microfiber towel and wipe dry the just cleaned area.
5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until the complete vehicle is clean, rewetting the microfiber as needed.

The Last Detail Recommendation For Use:
EXTERIOR Use with 1-2 clean dry microfiber towels, we recommend folding towel twice. Use only on a clean surface Spray 2-3 mists onto surface area and wipe in with a clean microfiber towel, flip towel over and wipe off.

GLASS Spray 3-4 mists on glass and using a clean microfiber towel, wipe on and then flip the towel and wipe off

Tire Shine Plus Recommendation For Use:
Needed: 2 clean microfiber towels each folded two times.

Wheels & Tires
1. Adjust trigger spray nozzle and apply an even coating onto tire.
2. Spray onto tires and rims (wheel) ensuring all areas are coated.
3. Take your microfiber towel and wipe rims (wheel) clean.
4. Fold dirty microfiber towel once or twice and wipe around tire, leaving a deep long lasting shine. Continue 1-4 until all rims and tires are clean and shined.

Dash Area
1. Spay one or two mists onto a clean micro fiber towel (folded two times).
2. Rub the towel material against itself so the Tire Shine Plus works into the towel.
3. Now wipe your dash area until clean and a dull matte shine appears.
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until all areas are done.

1. Mist onto micro fiber towel and onto plastic area to be cleaned and treated.
2. Wipe in ensuring all areas are covered.

No Petroleum Solvents – No Listed Hazardous Materials – No VOCs’


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