Aquanil | 32 oz. Waterless Car Wash with Macro Polymers


AQUANIL Wash & Polish your car in minutes with no water, anytime, anywhere. CroftgateUSA has developed the best waterless cleaner and paint finisher available to keep your transportation of choice looking showroom new. The blend of biodegradable detergents, and advanced polymers first breaks down and suspends dirt and grime – it then replaces the dirt with a protective polymer layer – leaving your vehicle clean and with a deep protective shine.


CROFTGATEUSA’s Aquanil Waterless Wash is a blend of bio-degradable detergents and our macro polymers. CROFTGATEUSA’s advanced multiple polymer formula breaks down and suspends dirt and grime while replacing it with a protective layer of macro polymers, leaving your vehicle clean and with a longer lasting shine you can be proud of. Anti-statics contained in Aquanil will keep dust off your vehicle surfaces longer and make it easier to remove.

AQUANIL has no wax in it. It does contain multiple macro polymers which bond to the surface. As the macro polymers begin to bond they seal the surface leaving it with nice shine and sealed for protection against the weather/road conditions. We recommend the use of micro-fiber towels to apply and buff AQUANIL treated surfaces, this way, chances of micro-scratches are avoided.

AQUANIL eliminates the need to use multiple products. Aquanil also eliminates the need for gallons of water running to waste, possible toxic pollutants entering storm drains..

No listed Hazardous Ingredients – No Petroleum Solvents


• Each 32 ounce bottle will treat from 6 to 9 full size cars depending on their condition.
• No hazardous materials to touch or breathe.
• Cuts traditional washing time by 70-80%.
• Biodegradable (3rd party bio tested. Report is available).
• Easy wipe on – wipe off technology.
• Use it anywhere, anytime
• Stops the 100’s of gallons in water wasted to wash the traditional way.
• Use on paint, glass and chrome areas.

Recommendation For Use:
Needed: 2 microfiber towels each folded two times.

1. Take a clean microfiber towel and spray it a few times to pre-wet the surface.
Pre-wetting is done only the first time you use a microfiber towel.
2. Spray few times onto the area of the surface to be cleaned.(Area can be the size of a door).
3. Using the pre-wet towel, wipe area in a circular or back and forth motion until clean
4. Immediately use the 2nd clean dry microfiber towel and wipe area dry.
5. Repeat steps 1-3 until entire car is done.

No Petroleum Solvents – No Listed Hazardous Materials – No VOCs’


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