Every business has a beginning, and this is where ours starts...family. DEEM is family and that's where the passion started. Within the DEEM Team is Donnie (owner), Ethan (son), Evelyn (daughter), Mandy (wife).

I was born in 1979 and my passion born in 1980. My father always had red trucks (still does) but more than anything he always talked about his 1968 Camaro SS that he would clean almost everyday before going to Vietnam. He met my mother in this car and even she went on to own a 1966 red Mustang fastback. My first vehicle at 16 was a 1990 Ford Bronco...red of course. My dad told me I was going to wax the paint off because I cleaned it everyday. My passion is in my blood and my family is my passion. Today I am a Mustang enthusiast and run an organization with 10,000 members. But more than anything I am an automotive enthusiast and strive for perfection in their appearance and cleanliness.


Me (15 months) 1981


Ethan (15 months) 2013


Evelyn (15 months) 2016

The Croftgate Experience

In 2009 I was introduced to a product I had never heard of because well...if it wasn't sold in the local auto parts store I had no clue what it was. I was introduced to a guy named Sal from Chicago by a guy named Michael Steele and me being a Bears fan I knew it was destiny. Sal talked to me about this new waterless wash product and was going to send me a sample pack....wait....waterless? I was skeptical about this because from the time I started walking, I was under the impression that you used a water hose, a bucket of water, and usually the bucket was full of Dawn dish soap...(Hey! clean was clean right?) more on that in my blog.

So I get my box full of goodies. I cut my eyes at the water hose as I spray this Wash & Wax onto my microfiber cloth as if we just experienced a bad breakup. 15 minutes later my entire car was washed and waxed and I didn't have to empty a bucket of dirty water, rinse out a wash mitt, roll up a water hose...but most importantly I didn't have to hand dry my car or drive it up the road to get all the water off! SOLD! And living in Florida where the temp is 90 but the real feel says 114 this was an amazing experience to be able to wash and wax my car in this amount of time but can do it in my garage! The rest is history and here I am as a distributor for a product that I was hesitant about years ago. Croftgate wants to make your life easier and make cleaning a vehicle easy and fast. Because if there is one thing everyone is short on...is time.